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Sultan Mehmed Thickness – Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 43

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Let’s take a step back and think; We got up every day, to work through the night, we find our lungs no longer have to connect the breathing apparatus.
When we go to sleep every night, our hearts still continues to beat. Every day we open our eyes can see still get out of bed, we are able to hear. And their no autopilot features. Batteries never ends!
us another breath, we can move one more day than our gracious God and limb in a heartbeat.
But we have something we need only to Him, we naturally favor when we feel the lack of something. God continues to have if anticipating that demand even in continuous refreshments. We do not need to pray so that we can breathe. Can you imagine how it would be if the opposite?
To hear, to see and to speak do not have to pray to Allah. I pray a dream if we needed to talk to God … Here, he is lütfediy the ability to talk to and I can now say something.
Subhanallah! He has bestowed us with God and with our absolutely need, there are so many things we can not live without. And God never stops giving, giving, giving. -Nou bearing Ali Khan / Resurrect heart

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❤Rabb to 5 times a very visual! ❤

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