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What is OttomanRealm & FAQ

Curious why this site exists, or having trouble posting? Here's a starter's guide.
Ottoman Realm
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You may be here because you’re confused about why this site exists, or how to use it. Let me walk you through:

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to give everyone an online platform to discuss literally anything about the Ottoman Empire. Whether you have questions, or you are browsing through user submissions, OttomanRealm is aimed to make you relive your Ottoman dreams in a cyber-Ottoman world.

Do I need an account to add, view or comment on posts?

Absolutely not! You’re free to view, submit, or comment on posts anonymously.

How do I add a Post?

You may add a post by clicking here, or the button labelled “Submit A Post” on the menu.

What advantages does having an account give?

When you have an OttomanRealm account, you get access to the following features:

  • Your own authorship page where all your former posts are displayed
  • The ability to delete posts you submitted
  • The ability to comment without needing to enter your name, email, etc.
  • The ability to earn akces.
    • You earn akces by signing up, publishing posts, reading content, commenting on other posts, and other ways. If you have enough akces to get in the top members of the website, you’ll see yourself in the Coin Monopoly page.

Is it free to register for a membership?

Yes! You can become an author today for free by clicking here.

I have other questions. Where can I contact OttomanRealm?

Feel free to contact us anytime using the Contact Us page or clicking here.

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